New Magi Films Logo

Branding has been and always will be, an important part in marketing a company.  That's why, we have decided to update our own branding.


It's important for companies to change with the times, to adapt to new technologies and its competitors, and to maintain all that is synonymous with the company.


Some companies have changed their logo and branding so much, that people no longer know what it stands for or who they are.  Whereas companies such as Coca Cola, MGM and Rolls Royce, have always kept the same idea/premise in its simplicity and morphed it into an updated version.


By changing our own logo and branding, we aim to maintain our ideaology, our company ethos and our high quality of craftsmanship.


Choosing a new company logo isn't as easy as it looks!  We went through various versions, different texts, different colours, various formats and eventually we arrived at our new logo (above). 


We feel our new logo is unique, striking and says exactly what Magi Films stands for and we are proud to unveil and use it as our new company logo.


We hope you enjoy it and embrace it as much as we have!

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